Mobil Security

BEHM is proud to announce that the MOBIL SECURITY ®  has received the Label

"Grands Evènements, dont les JOP Paris 2024"

This label, promoted by the Strategic Committee of the Industry (CSF) "Security Industries" aims to identify French solutions that can contribute to the security of major events such as JOP Paris 2024.Following Call for Expression of Interest (AMI) ² , the LABEL is awarded by the CSF after examination of the file by a group of independent experts, including business experts, users of security solutions for major events, as well as technical experts.


BEHM SAS is proud to present its latest innovation : the MOBIL SECURITY ®




Summary of the strengths of MOBIL SECURITY ® in comparison with a tent installation solution with a fitted gantry :

   Few logistics, a single carrier fitted with a crane to place the MOBIL SECURITY ® in the ideal position.

  Speed of deployment and 20 min implementation

 Level of control equivalent to civil aviation requirements

 Very high level of acceptability of the product by the crowd with a similar set-up to airports

 Possibility of complete independence with the addition of solar panels

 The numerous markings and digital information allow everyone to anticipate their crossing and therefore ensure a high level of fluency


 Adapts to to all site configurations (no civil engineering required, few deployment constraints)

 Requires 3x fewer agents that an equivalent control without our technologies

  Ease of use for agents ensuring maximum concentration on the essential : safety

Possibility of easily locking the entrance of the site outside of opening hours

 Leaves no trace: the site is completely protected



The MOBIL SECURITY ®a 20-foot modular unit, which is easily transportable and equivalent to a container.

It is deposited on the external security perimeter of a site, at the various control points.
It is powered from an electrical outlet and then deployed on two sides by means of an external control system, tripling the floor area for greater ease of use.

It is fitted with the latest technologies in the field of control :

- 3 of the latest generation gantries including one for PMR (detection of magnetic or non-magnetic metal weapons)

- 1 X-ray luggage scanner with screen and remote keyboard to optimise the flow

- 7 HD dome shaped cameras that record the permanent flow

- 3 infrared HD cameras for facial comparison and flow analysis

- Integrated calculation server with a wall of images composed of 4 screens 28 inches

- 1 50 inch screen for communication to the crowd

- LED lighting

- Lithium batteries offering energy self-sufficiency in the event of a power failure

- Behavioural video flow analysis technology/facial comparison


- Energy self-sufficiency

- Power generator

- Integrated video surveillance mast equipped with a PTZ camera (Pan Tilt Zoom)

- Stabilisation by stands

- Variable message sign at each crossing

- Communication surface positioned on the roof for advertising

- Integration of a secure WIFI bubble and 4G gateway



Once deployed, access is provided on one side and 3 independent control lines are opened, including one for people with reduced mobility :




The MOBIL SECURITY® (MS) by its ease of implementation and deployment is able to easily define a security perimeter on any site even if it is not materialised.

The gantries we use are certified in accordance with the EU Civil Aviation Security Regulations. They allow: Precise detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy metal weapons, 60 high precision and high resolution target areas.

The integration of hand-held explosive trace detectors is planned, allowing a quick removal of doubt.

The  MOBIL SECURITY® is functional from only 2 agents and works optimally with 4 agents and can manage a flow of up to 1500 people per hour.

The Flow/Number of agents ratio is 3 times higher than a traditional body search configuration and above all with a significantly higher filtration quality.

Fewer agents required for surveillance, optimisation of their movement.

Moreover, as the integration of technologies is perfectly optimised and preconfigured, this reduces the training phase to only a few hours.

The integration of an electro-pneumatic telescopic mast with a long-range motorised infrared camera makes it possible to cover a large perimeter and carry out remote surveillance, a system that is much less expensive than the presence of several agents on site during closing hours.

Ease of application: The transport of the MOBIL SECURITY® can be carried out by any carrier equipped with a truck crane for the handling of the 20 feet modular unit.

The transport of 2 modular units at the same time is possible with a trailer carrier unit with a standard road gauge.

The reduced mass of 4T makes it possible to position it on any type of ground which will nevertheless have to have a limited slope for the comfort of the agents.

Ease of application: The 20 minute deployment time can be done by the agents/drivers upon delivery.

Limited disruptions: Possibility to deploy at night.
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