Mobil Security


Secure your event with a mobile unit for contactless screening



MOBIL SECURITY ® : a mobile crowd control solution to secure events

Mobil Security in brief,

Mobil Security Cells (MS) are transportable mobile units that provide effective security control. With this solution, BEHM offers a means of securing sites (venues, stadiums, sensitive sites, etc.) where events are held. Rapidly deployable, Mobil Security units can be installed in a public space and then removed without any damage to the installation site. Indeed, the units are easily transportable (goods lift, centre-axle trailer, hydraulic crane).

Thanks to its patented technology, mobile security allows the use of outdoor detection instruments normally reserved for indoor use.

By integrating different monitoring technologies, BEHM offers event security managers a way to detect dangerous elements while limiting physical interactions with the people being monitored. Indeed, the technologies chosen by BEHM guarantee a low rate of false alarms even if a very high level of security is required. As a result, they allow for a high traffic flow with a minimum of intervention by inspection staff.

The benefits of Mobil Security :

Strengthens your event's security
Targeted detection of hazardous materials and objects
Non-contact checks respecting social distancing
Barrier to ramming cars
Improves the user experience
Very good acceptability of a solution without constraints for the public
Reduction of waiting time
Visibility of the event entrance
Accessible to people with reduced mobility
Ensures ease of use
Quick to deploy (20 minutes maximum)
Simple to implement
Easy to move, remove, store and reuse in any location
Makes a financial profit
Reduction in the number of staff carrying out checks
Option of renting advertising space


Since 10 February, “test concerts” have been held in the Rockhal concert hall in Luxembourg, and to gain access, everyone has to pass through a security detector in the latest generation BEHM Security module. This technology allows for non-contact safety checks and can be easily integrated into a strict health protocol..
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