Our assets


BEHM has a quality system that complies with ISO 9001 but is also certified as a "qualified operator" by UTAC.

We can thus affirm that all our vehicles meet the conditions set out in Article R.321-15 and are fully compliant with the Highway Code. Thanks to this approval, we issue you with Appendix 3, which allows you to register your vehicle with a body without an initial visit to the DRIRE (Regional Department of Industry, Research and Environment).


BEHM, with its high-performanceproduction facilities, it is able to meet all the challenges of industrial vehicle manufacturing.

The surface treatment units, whether shot blasting steel, blasting or unblasting aluminium and of course polyurethane paint, which complies with the latest CO standards, are of the latest generation and ensure a perfect finish for vehicles..



A research and development design office composed of 4 engineers.
  •     3D CAD/CAM system and mechanical strength
  •     Realistic rendering of models
  •     Software for calculating load distribution on transport vehicles.
  •     Kinematic implementation of the complex mix
  •     Complete installation of transport vehicle from the information package with the mining engineer
  •     Studies from 2 to 3 before- project per week
  •     Starting from 3 to 4 projects per week
  •     That is nearly 250 specific studies per year

The BEHM company makes the framework of its equipment (mobile, carrier equipment,...) entirely in its workshops in Thionville - FRANCE.


This mechanically welded steel frame with a high elastic or aluminium limit ensures perfect rigidity of the body, hence no deformation over time.

The raw material is processed by laser cutting and a digitally controlled folding machine allowing high precision in the assemblies.

This "traditional mechanically welded" type of manufacturing is in contrast to that of our competitors of the "screwed/glued panel body kit" type, which is less efficient.

Moreover, our manufacturing is the only type to guarantee a real "FARADAY cage" providing quality electromagnetic shielding for sensitive Command Post vehicles.

The casing of the walls of our manufacturing is made of customised composite panels to guarantee thermal and sound insulation.

BEHM  designs and manufactures its products entirely using 3D CAD/CAM software to analyse hardware integration and load distribution

MOBILE CHASSIS according to NFS 61-528

Chassis made up of two steel longitudinal stringers with a high elastic limit made up of a laser-cut core
and two flat welded longitudinal stringers.

This unique design developed and patented by the BEHM bodywork offers several advantages with
a classic closed UPN design :

  •     A 15% more rigid base rocker assembly with an equivalent size.
  •     This construction is also less than 9% heavier and allows to gain in payload.
  •     Removal of all hollow bodies guaranteeing maximum corrosion resistance.
  •     Design ensuring perfect compatibility with old and new generation transport vehicles.

La plaque « martyr  » d'épaisseur 10mm protège la surface complète de la potence de berce et permet une meilleure rigidité à la partie qui subit le plus d'effort.

  •     at the front : a gripping bracket with martyred plate and a crossbar with fixed supports.
  •     at the rear : a support beam fitted with 2 polyamide rollers with oilers (type ERTALON)

Type     : Class 1/2
Model   : A/B/C
Length : 3600-6400mm
Width   : 2500mm overall